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Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Dear Surf or Snow Athlete,

My name is Clayton Beatty and since 2008 I have helped thousands of surf and snow sports athletes with my functional fitness training programs

My strength and conditioning advice has been featured in Smorgasboarder Magazine as well as many major Australian newspapers - Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Herald Sun, The Sunday Mail and The Sunday Times.

Iím a Qualified Exercise Scientist and member of Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) and have a Bachelor of Science (Human Movement) and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia.

But most importantly I have a passion for surf and snow sports and I am constantly researching and experimenting with the best ways to get in peak physical shape for these sports.

If you want to be in shape 365 days a year for surf or snow sports action, all you have to do is download the workouts and follow along "step-by-step!"


What Others Are Saying About Clayton's Workouts

"I've been doing your work out for almost a year now it has been a game changer for my surfing.

I feel stronger can paddle longer, easier to catch waves, I'm looking better, and all around feeling good about myself."

Matthew Jones

"Doing the exercises and being well prepared for my holiday meant I could shred freshies all day and have now sore and aching muscles afterwards.

Made my two week snowboard trip the best ever. I'll definitely recommend this to anyone going on a snowboard holiday."

Peter Peyper

"I first started surfing last year. I've always been an active person so I was in good shape, but I wasn't in "surfing shape". After 10 minutes of fighting the breakers and the current, I could barely catch a wave because I was so exhausted.

I knew I had the drive & determination to keep at it, I just needed to train my body better. So I purchased Total Surfing Fitness and spent the winter months following the program. Once summer rolled around and I headed back to the waves, it was a whole new experience. I could (and did) spend hours at a time in the water, catching wave after wave, regardless of how rough the ocean was. I was stronger, more confident, and less injury-prone.

Thanks to Clayton's excellent program I can now enjoy surfing."

John Riviello


3 Reasons You're NOT As Fit, Lean, Strong
And Athletic As You Could Be

Reason #1  Your training plan and workouts do not use the latest exercise science

If you still using out-dated exercise routines that focus on muscle isolation exercises then you are not making the most of your valuable training time.

You need to be using the latest exercise science such as workouts that focus on total body movements, multi-joint functional strength, core stability, balance, mobility and energy system development.

Reason #2  You do not have a professionally designed strength and conditioning plan to record and track your progress

If you are just doing random workouts or doing the same exercises over and over, then you are not going to get results as fast as you should be. Do you think professional athletes train like this? No.

They have strength and conditioning coaches to create structured programs so they can keep progressing and improving their performance. They also record their sets and reps so they can see their improvements.

Reason #3  You are not testing your strength and fitness levels or assessing your functional movement patterns

If you are not regulary testing your strength or fitness levels, how do you know if you are really making progress?

And how do you know if you are moving better unless you assess?

After all, if your training is not helping improve your movement patterns then you are potentially increasing your risk of injury and not optimizing your performance.


4 Training Strategies You Should Be Including In
Your Workout Plan To Get Superior Results...

1. Functional Fitness Assessment (FFA)

How do you know if you are really making progress with your fitness training or if you are just spinning your wheels? The solution is to use our Functional Fitness Assessment to track your improvements.

You should be re-assessing yourself about every 3 months to make sure you are continuing to improve your fitness and performance.

Our Functional Fitness Assessment is broken into 3 categories which measure your functional performance...

Body Composition Tests -- These tests look at how your body is physically changing with regards to muscle size, body fat levels, posture. When you measure these components you can quantify your results which helps with motivation to keep going, knowing you are making progress.

Functional Movement Screening - These tests help identify any mobility or stability issues that you may have. Building a solid base of movement is the key to long term performance and injury prevention. This stage is often overlooked and as a result athletes can stagnate in their improvements and be susceptible to recurring injuries.

Performance Fitness TestsThese tests look at your overall fitness levels with regard to core strength, balance, total body strength and cardiovascular endurance. Do the specific tests to measure your fitness levels and track your improvements.- These tests look at your overall fitness levels with regard to core strength, balance, total body strength and cardiovascular endurance. Do the specific tests to measure your fitness levels and track your improvements.

2. Corrective Movement Training (CMT)

Corrective Movement Training refers to exercises that will help enhance your ability to move well by improving your movement mechanics. At the end of the day, you can be as strong and fit as you like, but if that doesn't transfer into your ability to move efficiently and effectively then your surf or snow sports performance will suffer!

A good strength and conditioning program needs to incorporate corrective exercises that improve muscle activation (so muscles fire in the correct sequence), mobility (so you are not restricted in your range of motion) and stability (to ensure you remain balanced and stable whilst moving in a 3D environment).

3. Functional Strength Training (FST)

What good is strength if it does not produce real world function? When performing in surf or snow sports your body moves as an integrated unit, not as individual muscles working in isolation.

Therefore the majority of your training should be focussed on multi-joint strength movements which will enhance your ability to not only move powerfully, but also move effectively. The Surf 'n' Snow Fitness High Performance workouts are designed to make you functionally strong so you can perform in the water or in the snow 365 days a year.

4. High Intensity Energy System Training (HIEST)

High intensity training has been scientifically proven to get the fastest results with regards to improving your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems which are both important for surf and snow sports.

The High Performance Club interval workouts are structured so that all you have to do is choose your favourite form of cardiovascular exercises (eg. running, riding, swimming, etc) and then follow the prescribed intervals. The workouts change each month so you are constantly challenging your energy systems and developing real world endurance.

What Results Can I Expect?

If you follow the monthly workout plans and track your progress with the workout sheets then you can expect the following...


Enhanced functional strength and power 


Better balance and stability 


Improved core strength and rotary power 


Better mobility and movement mechanics 


Increase in endurance levels 


Reduced risk of injury


Enhanced performance in the surf
or snow


Warning: The Surf 'n' Snow High Performance Club
Will Not Be For Everyone...

Do not join if you identify with any of the following:


You are not serious about enhancing your surf or snow sports fitness and performance. 


You do not want to commit to at least 2-3 fun and challenging workout sessions per week. 


You are not interested in the latest, cutting edge functional training programs designed exclusively for surf and snow sports. 


You cannot afford to invest a few dollars each month to get a fit, strong, functional body that is ready for action all year round. 


What Do High Performance Club
Members Receive?

When you join the Surf 'n' Snow Fitness High Performance Club you get everything you need to build a fit, strong, athletic body that is ready to dominate the surf or snow 365 days a year.

Here's a look at what members receive...

1. Monthly Online High Performance Conditioning Camps

Each month there is a new High Performance Conditioning Camp to be part of. It's just like doing a pre-season strength and conditioning camp at an elite training facility, only you can do it at home or at your local gym!

Simply print out the workout sheets, watch the online videos of the exercises and  then get started!


Below is an example of the High Performance Conditioning Camp workout sheets. You will notice the blank tables to fill in your reps and weights for each of the exercises. This allows you to accurately track your progress.


If you don't know how to do an exercise, simply watch the online videos to see them demonstrated. There are also alternate exercises for those that require equipment that you may not have access to such as a BOSU, TRX, etc.

2. Surf 'n' Snow Functional Fitness Assessment

Measure your fitness using the Surf 'n' Snow Functional Fitness Assessment. You can do the tests at home or at the gym.

There are 3 categories of tests to complete - Body Composition Tests, Functional Movement Screening  and Performance Fitness Tests. You don't have to complete all of the tests, however the more you do, the better your understanding of your overall fitness levels.

All you have to do is print out the assessment sheets and watch the online testing videos to see how to perform the tests. Then record your scores on the assessment sheets.


3. Specialised Workout Programs

There are a number of specilized workout programs to choose from including circuit workouts, bodyweight workouts, TRX workouts, kettlebell workouts, plus even more...

These workouts are great if you are wanting some added variety in your training routine or if you are travelling and have limited time and equipment.

4.  Functional Training Exercise Database

Create your own workouts by choosing exercises from the functional training exercise database with over 500 exercises to choose from.

Exercises are categorised into muscle groups and equipment. With so many exercises you will have enough variety to last for years to come.

-  Core Stability & Strength
-  Quadriceps & Calves
-  Glutes & Hamstrings
-  Upper Back
-  Lats & Biceps
-  Chest & Triceps
-  Shoulders
-  Total Body Exercises
-  Dynamic Warmup Exercises
-  Stretching & Flexibility
-  Balance & BOSU Exercises
-  Medicine Ball Exercises
-  Kettlebell Exercises
-  TRX Suspension Trainer  

5.  More Bonus Members Content

High Performance Club members will also get more members only training information,
videos, nutrition guidelines, plus other bonus content...


That All Looks Great, But What If It Doesn't Work For Me?

Then It's All FREE!

I am totally confident that the the High Performance Club workouts will give you awesome results, but I also understand that you may still be skepitcal. So I want to make sure there is no risk to you when you try out our programs.

When you join the Surf 'n' Snow Fitness High Performance Club you get 60 days to test it out and if within those 60 Days you are not satisfied, you can simply contact us via the customer service link in your email receipt or by emailing and you will get a full refund. No hassles, it's as simple as that!



Summary Of Member Benefits 

1.  Monthly Online High Performance Conditioning Camps
2.  Functional Fitness Assessment
3.  Specialized Workout Programs
4.  Functional Training Exercise Database
5.  More Bonus Members Content

Only $19.95 per Month - Cancel Anytime

You can cancel your membership at any time via the customer service link in your email receipt
or by emailing No hassles, it's as simple as that!

No physical products will be shipped. After you join you will be redirected to setup your username and password.
Then you can login to the members area to access the workouts, exercise directory and other members material.
The workout programs come as downloadable PDF files and online video which can be viewed on PC or Mac.

When you join you will be billed $19.95 and then the same every month until you cancel your membership.


P.S. Have A Question? Chances Are It Is Answered Below...

1. Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime via the customer service link in your email receipt or by emailing It's that simple. We won't try and convince you to stay. It's totally your call when you want to cancel your membership.

2. I am a beginner at functional strength training. Should I still join the High Performance Club?

If you are new to functional strength training I strongly recommend you consider doing on of my other programs such as Total Surfing Fitness, Total Snowboarding Fitness or Total Skiing Fitness before attemping the High Performance Club workouts. Once you are familiar with my training techniques then you can get even fitter by doing the High Performance Club workouts.

3. What equipment do I need to do the workouts?

For the Online High Performance Conditioning Camps all you need is a set of dumbbells, a swiss ball, a resistance band and a chinup bar. A bench would also come in handy.

We will also incorporate exercises using balance boards, BOSU and TRX Suspension Trainer. However you won't need all of this equipment to start with as we provide alternative exercises for equipment you don't yet have.

4. What if the High Performance Club doesn't work for me?

Then you get a full refund!

If you follow the workouts step by step and for what ever reason are not totally satisfied with your results, you can contact us in the first 60 days and we will give you a full refund - it's that simple!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying out the Surf 'n' Snow Fitness High Performance Club today!


Summary Of Member Benefits 

1.  Monthly Online High Performance Conditioning Camps
2.  Functional Fitness Assessment
3.  Specialized Workout Programs
4.  Functional Training Exercise Database
5.  Bonus Members Content

Only $19.95 per Month - Cancel Anytime

You can cancel your membership at any time via the customer service link in your email receipt
or by emailing No hassles, it's as simple as that!

If you have any more questions, please contact us:
Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (WAST) 0421 776 720
or email us: