Welcome to Surf ‘n’ Snow Fitness

So I have been pretty quiet on the email lately, not sending out a lot of tips etc, mainly because I needed a break from my computer and wanted to spend some more time training people and trying out new exercises and workouts.

The good news is that this has allowed me some head space to come up with my new website idea and hopefully you will like the outcome.


Why Surf ‘n’ Snow Fitness?

Well basically because surf and snow sports are what I love and am interested in sharing with you. Not everyone has great surf all year, or powder snow or perfect wind conditions, but when the weather comes good, you need to be ready for action! And that’s why I created this website.

Basically all my latest training tips, workout information and any other cool stuff I come across is going to be featured on this website.


My Mission

My mission is to help everyday surf and snow sports enthusiasts get functionally fit and strong using the latest exercise science, so that they can be ready for action all year round in any season, for any sport.

Basically I want to teach you how to train like a pro at home or the gym so you can enhance your performance and enjoy the surf and snow for years to come!


Let’s get started…

So if I am going to make sure you come back and visit, I better give you something useful to take away…


So check out this core exercise I have been doing in my own program at the moment. Try it out at the end of your workout and see how many reps you can do!


Leave your feedback…

Also let me know what you think of the new website look, etc. I value your feedback!


Thanks, and stay tuned for more cool fitness training ideas coming soon!


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  1. paul

    well done keep up the good work. it is good core exercise try starting behind the ball and walk out with your hands adds that little bit of upper body. thanks for all the great work outs

  2. Maki

    good work congrats, your training made me return to early my days in the water.
    If you enrich TRX contentes if possible, It would be very appreciated.

  3. Jenny Marenco

    Oh man def. trying this tomorrow after my workout ill let you know how it goes, haha!!

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